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Welcome to Hole in the Woods Farm.  We are a diversified, Certified Naturally Grown, family- and community-oriented small farm located near Culver, Indiana, in the region known as “Michiana.”  We are focused on supporting and enhancing the local food movement, and providing safe, nutritious, and delicious fruits, vegetables, and animal products to our neighbors, in the most ecologically sustainable manner possible.

Our farm is extremely diverse and always evolving.  We currently produce:

  •  Over 400 varieties of annual fruits and vegetables each year
  • Culinary Herbs
  • Rustic artisan breads
  • Honey
  • Hand made, artisan fine chocolates
  • Personalized custom artisan jewelry


Pie of the Week #5: Ham and Cheese Pizza

So, I’ve made it five weeks in a row on my weekly “pie of the week” challenge.  This week: Ham and Cheese Pizza! Neapolitan crustAlfredo SauceSwiss CheeseShaved Smoked Ham (Amor Gardens and Pork)Red Onions (our farm, but not enough to market this year 🙁 )Dijon MustardNabuka Scallions (really, they’ve become my favorite pizza topping…)And a […]

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Almonds in Indiana?!

This past weekend, we brought a new crop to the market: almonds! What?!  You can grow almonds in Indiana? Yes.  Yes, we can. Our almonds are a variety called “Hall’s Hardy,” and are a hybrid between an almond and a peach. The peach part of the parentage allows the tree to be hardy enough to […]

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We Interrupt this Market

… But not your local food! This week is “fall break” for the Culver Farmers’ Market.  The vendors all get a week off with no market between the outdoor Main Season market, and the indoor Winter Market.  But you still need to eat, right?! Never fear: we offer our home delivery all 52 weeks of […]

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