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New Greens Packaging

We have changed our packaging for pre-bagged greens! The new bag, is available for 4oz and 8oz bags of salad mix, lettuce mix, leaf lettuce, and other greens. It is a clear cellophane, made from sustainably harvested wood pulp. The entire production of the bag itself is carbon neutral, and we seal it without a tie! It is home compostable, so no need to find an industrial composting facility.

Unlike our home compostable produce bags (made from corn), these bags are clear, rather than green. So you get a great view of the greens inside. They should also provide a great environment to extend the storage life of your greens (though we already get chefs raving that our greens are better after three weeks in their cooler than the big distributors’ as they come off the truck).

We’re proud to be able to maintain our commitment to no single use plastic, despite the restrictions on loose sales of greens due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Check them out in our online store for delivery or pickup, or visit us Saturday for the first Mishawaka Farmers’ Market of the season!


  1. Michaliszyn

    I very appreciate that you are using the sustainable packaging for greenery. May I ask you for some information on a clear cellophane, made from sustainably harvested wood pulp and where can I buy it?

    • Chad

      We have a few sources for our various sustainable packaging products. The salad green bags we get from Nashville Wraps – the clear compostable cellophane bags. Our bread packaging comes from FoodBizSupply. Most of the rest of our packaging comes from a local discount place if we get lucky and they have it, or from Good Start Packaging. It’s always good to get packaging locally, if possible. In addition to increasing the carbon footprint from shipping individual cases to you, the shipping costs often exceed the cost of the packaging itself!

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