Time for a big announcement! The Hole in the Woods Farm Weeklyish Newsletter!

We’ve had many requests for regular updates on what’s happening at the farm, as well as tips for how to cook and eat seasonally and locally. Enter, the Weeklyish!

The Weeklyish is an approximately weekly email newsletter. We’ll keep you updated with news of the farm and happenings in the local food scene, tips for local seasonal eating – including a new recipe from Chad nearly every week, and more, in your inbox on a fairly regular basis.  Look for the first issue Monday.  Fear not: You can always update your information (hint: you might want to add your birthday) or unsubscribe using handy links in the footer of each message, and we will not share your information with anyone.

If you or someone you know interested in seasonal eating, small farms, agripreneurship, and local food, please subscribe via this link.