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Giving Back to the CNG Community

Chad is honored to have been selected as part of the Expert Exchange in Certified Naturally Grown‘s new professional development offering for beginning and early stage farmers, Film SEEDs.

FilmSeeds (check out the trailer here!) is a set of six intensive training workshops, each one focused on a topic critical to a successful farm:

  • Seed Selection
  • Weed Management
  • Pest Management
  • Bed Preparation
  • Soil Management
  • Disease Mangement

Each lesson begins with a short film about the topic, followed by a lesson. Following the lesson, the expert exchange members will have a panel discussion, followed by a participant Q&A session with the experts, and small group breakout discussions with the experts and participants.

It is an honor to have been selected from among the many CNG farmers across the United States and Canada to be part of this great opportunity for new farmers. Even participating with other outstanding farmers from a wide variety of backgrounds during the audition was fascinating!

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  1. Benita Basham

    Congratulations Chad!

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