… But not your local food!

This week is “fall break” for the Culver Farmers’ Market.  The vendors all get a week off with no market between the outdoor Main Season market, and the indoor Winter Market.  But you still need to eat, right?!

Never fear: we offer our home delivery all 52 weeks of the year.  So order from our online store by 10:00 tonight, and we’ll drop your goodies at your front door Thursday afternoon!

Next Saturday, the market will return, in its winter form: in the ground floor large meeting room of the Culver and Union Township Public Library.  The winter market continues every Saturday, but starts an hour later than the main season market.  So 10:00-1:00.  We will not have a market on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, so plan ahead and/or order for delivery for those festivities as well!