In August of 2005, Chad and Xenia met in the dining hall of the Culver Academies. Xenia was in her second year of teaching math and physics. Chad was in his first year as a band and orchestra director. Both were a bit strange, and the only single Gen-Xers at the school.

Fast forward a couple of years. Xenia attended Chad’s “Pitch-in Garden Party/Recital” (bring a side dish or a piece of music to share). Also in attendance was the Academies’ chaplain, who recognized the attraction between the two (even though they were too dense to recognize it was mutual). A few weeks of her goading Chad into finally asking Xenia out, and history began!

Their first date took them to one of Culver’s excellent eateries, where it was revealed both were itinerant foodies. Of course, seated at the next table were the entire upper administration of the Academies and a long-time faculty member. Small town privacy! The second date was visiting Sider’s Berry Farm to pick blueberries. The local food bug was mutual!

Advance to 2010. The mutual desire to build community through the local food movement led to buying a log cabin on a sandy 35 acres hidden behind a bunch of trees on a windy country road. Hole in the Woods Farm was born! A year later, the debate was on: do we get married this year, or do we get chickens? Married it was. And we still celebrate the heritage of the on-farm wedding, the Pitch-in Garden Party/Reital, the summer solstice, and Chad’s birthday with our annual “Hole in the Woodstock” event.

Certified Naturally Grown from the start, we remain dedicated to producing fresh food, 12 months of the year, in a way that builds our community, regenerates our soil, protects our water, and benefits the environment locally, regionally, and globally.

Certified Naturally Grown